A dear friend of mine always says that "when you really, truly, madly love something, you do everything to accomplish it". For me that madness is about food and photography. First, it was food as a whole, the flavors, the taste, the smoothness or crispiness of it. Then it was art and photography of food. How appealing it looks when the light sets on it so perfectly. In an effort to represent that artsy side of mine, I created this blog "Honey and Cinnamon", to share with everyone around the blogosphere my creativity.

    I am a breakfast person as you will realise soon. Breakfast is my sacred meal of the day. I want it to be satisfying in order to continue the rest of the day, whether it's a simple milk with corn flakes or an incredible cheesy omelette my boyfriend makes. It has to make my day! Also, I love chocolate, but who doesn't?

    Originated from Athens, Greece and recently moved to Zurich to live with my boyfriend and study a MA in University of Luzern (which I adore). My boyfriend and I will be cooking all sorts of recipes we create in our cozy apartment. Sometimes, I might share a few corners from my apartment, especially on rainy days. 

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