Thursday, 15 September 2016


     Hello dear readers! It's been a long time since I've written a post here. September has come and I am to be found at my new apartment and area of living, in moody and beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. I've been here for a week now and it's been so far so good. My visits to IKEA are very frequent and long, since there are a lot of things to buy for a brand new apartment and you always forget something or look at something you like. We have installed a lot of furniture in the house, have already invited friends over to help and offer some of our tasty food. My first flower had its christening yesterday and still there are a lot of things missing, but the apartment starts to look more like...home.
     We live in a small village outside of the hectic life of the city center and I love it! It's full of small houses with pointed rooftops, beautiful green gardens and cute little shops. I still haven't explored the village to its full potential, since I've been busy with setting everything up and cleaning the apartment. But I'm getting to know the local supermarkets or where nice decorating shops are. Everything seems to fall in its place and the anxiety starts going away. As I start getting adjusted to this new life, I believe I am going to very much enjoy it!

     These past few days there has been a mess all over the apartment and everything needed to be in place. Many of the things much needed like a big dining table with wooden surface have been put together. The same applies with the bedroom. A big double bed with wooden surfaces and white details was put on the center of the room and the colors remained simple. Gray and pastel pink or black (I have chosen a few pairs of color combinations). The walls are still naked, but I plan on decorating them with some small aquarella paintings I purchased a few years ago from Paris, because you know...Paris is always a good idea. The main idea is to keep everything simple and working. Nothing too much or too many colors together. Now, I am a bit tired from today's walking around so I will leave you to the photos I've taken of the room. Soon, I will make a more complete presentation of every room. Tell me if you like it so far on the comments below! 

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