Friday, 7 October 2016


     Today I had to wake up really early to go to the city centre of Zurich for some outside the house chores. To tell you the truth I dreaded each moment of walking in really cold weather today and I was too hungry to keep up. After our chore was done, I suggested going for a coffee and maybe a croissant with my boyfriend, who was also as hungry as I was. I remembered I saw a big bakery on my way to the HauptBanhof in Zurich one late night and I promised to myself to come during the day to have some breakfast or something. Thank God I hadn't forgotten where that place was. It was "Babu's Bakery and Coffeehouse" in Lowenstrasse, downtown Zurich.

    This place took my breath away the moment I walked in. It reminds you a bit of a french bakery where a lot of wooden and simple furniture take place. So, first things first. As we walked inside the bakery there was a lot of people waiting in line and then the sitting areas were almost full. Before we got to the counter there were these delicous pastries on our left, with croissants and small brownies being the most interesting. Then as we got to the front I saw a sign stating "Monatskaffee: Macadamia Kaffee" meaning "Month's coffee: Macadamia Coffee". My boyfriend was hooked about it so he ordered one for himself. We also had our eyes on these delicous and fresh croissants so we ordered two of those as well.

     We found a place next to the window looking over Lowenstrasse and absolutely devoured our croissants. I started talking about croissants in Paris and how close to those they tasted. Now, to anyone who knows me, I have a crazy passion for anything Paris. To make it even worse, my boyfriend decided that we should go to Paris this Christmas for 3 days. IN CHRISTMAS! I am getting all girly and stupid, but imagine guys how beautiful it would be around that time. Everything will be decorated in lights, I could weat my bonnets because it will be cold and I will walk next to canal Saint-Martin with my copain! Until anything else changes we are going there this Christmas!
     Now let's move on with the food chez Babu's (it has gotten into me). Next to us sat a lovely couple who had ordered some delicious looking pancakes which had blueberries in them. I looked at my boyfriend and that was it. We ordered some pancakes for us, but ours had bananas in them. To be honest, I am not such a big fan of pancakes. But these were extremelly fluffy and not at all fry. Also, they weren't very sweet (as I don't like them too sweet). Overall, I would give them a big 9 out of 10! There were damn good pancakes. Definately going there in the future again...still have a lot of things to eat!

You can visit Babu's Bakery and Coffehouse here:
Löwenstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich
Opening Times: Mon-Wed 7:00-20:00, 
 Thu-Sat 7:00-22:30/23:00, Sun 9:00-17:00

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