Thursday, 19 January 2017


     It is so strange how time passes by. The one minute you meet a person you find too akward to be around with and the next minute you are together for three years, have traveled to two countries together, moved to a foreign country together and had more food indulgencies together than seperately. I don't like melodramatic thoughts and attitudes, I am more of a moment person. If I can enjoy it now and feel good about it now, then I don't care about it in the future. And I think this is a good way (maybe not the best) to experience every relationship. Think about how the relationship is now, in the present, and enjoy the very good moments. Yes, bad moments are always there, heck I fight everyday with my boyfriend since we moved in together, but try not to focus on those and most importantly, move on...
     To celebrate our little anniversary, my sweet boyfriend got me a rose bouquet, which I photographed and feautured in this recipe. I like the fact that it is not a red roses bouquet, as I find those to be a bit of cliche. Flowers always make me smile and bring out my creative personality. Not the squeeky, girly one, but the calm, serene and at peace self. Bright colors are the best way to make my mood and make me concetrate. As well as a clean and tidy space, I like my home to have a neutral vibe with a few hints of color. This can be easily achieved with flowers. My personal choices? Peonies and roses.

     To get you back into the mood of cooking and eating, I was googling recipes of what to do with quark cheese. If you don't know what quark is, then you must know that it is mostly used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as some other northern countries like the Scandinavian countries. It is quite sour and has a creamly somewhat crumbly texture. It reminds me of a greek cheese we have, called "Katiki" . As I googled I realised that in Germany they make a Käsekuchen or cheesecake with it, so I decided to give it a go in the future and see what happens. Austians also use it in strudels and other desserts.
     Today I missed most of the ingredients for a cheesecake, but my imagination didn't give up on me. I had a few extra bananas lying in the fridge, almost ready to go bad. Why let them go bad and not take advantage of them by roasting them? Yeah, you heard me right. In a life of a foodie or a gourmet eater, bananas are roasted with extra honey and cinnamon. Then, topped on a big and fluffy layer of quark, ready to be devoured in a few minutes...

Honey roasted banana with quark and walnuts

ingredients (for two persons)

2 medium ripe bananas
300gr quark
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons good quality honey
1 handful of walnuts

optional: other nuts

How do I make it?

1. Preheat your oven to 200 C. Slice your bananas lengthwise and place them on a heatproof pan. Sprinkle with honey generously and then with cinnamon. You can add as much as you like, I only put the ammount I used.
2. Roast your bananas for 10 minutes.
3. As your bananas are being roasted, take out two bowls. Fill bowls with almost same ammount of quark. Add some honey and the walnuts. 
4. Take your bananas out of the oven and transfer them carefully to the bowls of quark. 
5. Enjoy peacefully, while listening to some jazz music!

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