Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hummus tartines with Greek feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and walnuts

     How quickly time passes amazes me everyday. In one minute I am flying, sleep deprived, to Paris Airport of Charles de Gaulle, and the next minute I am packing my things to fly back to Zurich. Last weekend was spent walking up and down Rue de Rivoli, taking a bite at rue Lucien Sampaix next to the Place de la Republique and enjoying one pastry after the other. I was in Paris, dear friends, where each time I go gets even better than the previous. 
     I will stop rambling about the amazing time I had in Paris, as I intend to do it in another special post just about this city. Back to the cooking, I love that Spring makes its vibrant appearance again this year. Amazing weather, colours everywhere, strawberries will come around late April to May (the fresh ones) and in two week I will fly back to Greece for Easter. Before that, I plan to make some Easter recipes for you. I know I haven't been very active lately, but as an adult with responsibilities and studies, I have to study and be responsible.

     My boyfriend got us a bread maker two days ago. A BREAD MAKER! All you bread lovers I know you get me. I mean, I love bread and even more I love it when it's fresh and warm and crispy. Late at night, we decided to make our first bread with whatever we had in our kitchen pantry and voilà! A delicious and small loaf of bread that took three hours to make, was finally waiting for us to eat and savour.
     The idea for purchasing a bread maker came to us, when a good friend and head chef invited us for dinner with his wife and we enjoyed a lot of Turkish inspired food. With the food there was this amazing loaf of bread served on the table and we had to ask where it was coming from... The answer was, a bread maker. If you know me a little, you know I love homemade food and healthy that food even better. So, the idea to have a loaf of bread waiting for you without having to do the extra kneading it requires, sounded perfect to me. Don't get me wrong. The process of kneading and waiting for the bread to rise can be quite cathartic. But, whenever time is of essence, a bread maker can help.
     There was no better way to celebrate this, but to make a recipe with the remaining bread slices. And there was some homemade hummus calling me from the fridge that I most certainly, HAD to use. This is another way of letting you know, it was fridge clearance day! But who cares, when there is good food and good matching of food? The most important ingredient for this recipe I think is good hummus, so I left an easy recipe from the blog archive further down for you to make if you feel adventurous.

Hummus tartines with Greek feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and walntus 


2 slices of bread of choice
1/2 cup of homemade or store-bought hummus
3 to 4 cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup Greek feta cheese crumbles
a handful of crushed walnuts
olive oil
sea salt
oregano (optional)

how do I make it?

1.Toast your slices of bread in a toaster as wanted. Cut your cherry tomatoes in small slices.
2.Spead a generous amount of hummus on each slice.
3.Start adding your toppings. First, add the slices of cherry tomatoes. Continue by topping the feta crumbles and walnuts.
4.Splash some sea salt as wanted and some olive oil. If you feel adventurous, add some oregano on top.
5.Enjoy your tartines with company or by your self.

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